I guess all of us go through these sort of cycles. Sometimes everything is clicking. Emotions are in check. There is order and clarity and purpose in life. Our only task is to move forward with joy. Then there's the down cycle. No clarity. No purpose. There is little more than total confusion and emotional warfare with oneself.

You know, I was just this close to leaving that bad cycle for a stint in the good zone. I was in CT - Cycle Transition. Strange sorts of things don't need to happen when in CT. The transition needs to be clean. All hell can break loose if there's no clean CT.

So, the other day I was talking to a customer at one of my part-time jobs. I was feeling good. The cusp of order and clarity was just on the horizon. That's when he uttered the words I didn't need to hear: "Yeh. So Bert and Ernie are getting married."

"For the love of God, not now!" I said to myself.

Look, Bert and Ernie's sexual preferences are no concern of mine. What Muppets do in the privacy of their own bedroom is none of my business. If they both enjoy kissing carpet, well more power to them. But why did it have to happen now, at this time? I was almost on the cusp!

If I had heard about this a couple of weeks ago, it would have been just another confusing item to process. If it had happened a couple of week's from now, I may have popped open a bottle of champagne for the occasion. But it happened now. During CT. Unbelievable.

So where does this leave me now? How the hell should I know? There is no clarity now. No purpose. I was in CT and now I am not, and I am not in the good zone. Thanks to Bert and Ernie, I'm in a double-dib down cycle.

Here's a very special plea to Mike Judge. Please, I beg of you, if Beavis and Butthead decide to go to seminary, hold off for a few weeks, will ya?

I need just a tad of clarity before dealing with that one.

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